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Dysport Valentine Special

Valentine is just a few weeks away.  New Image Maxillofacial is offering Dysport for $2.75 per unit in celebration of Valentine.  This special pricing will end February 28, 2018.  Call and make your appointment before this $2.75/unit pricing has ended.

Not sure what Dysport is and how it compares to Botox? Go to our web page and read the posted brief information about the two products.  If you have additional questions please call our office.

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Our Work Week In Belize

I try and make it a point to take one mission trip per year. This year, we had the pleasure of volunteering in Belize to treat people in various regions of the country. The team consisted of doctors and staff in the specialties of medicine, dentistry, oral surgery, and audiology. A total of 1,598 patients were able to be seen between the specialties throughout the week! Hats off to the Belize Mission Project for assembling such a passionate and devoted crew from across the country!

I took one of our nurses, a surgical assistant and one of our office managers (that has surgical assistant skills) to help me be as successful as possible to meet the needs we would encounter. As you can see the conditions are vastly different then what we are accustomed to.

Meet Katie Our Medical Aesthetician

We are sure most of you know by now that Cammie moved to Arizona a couple months ago.  Before she left, Cammie helped us hand pick someone that would take care of you in the same caring and expertise way as she had over the past years.  We knew the next Medical Aesthetician needed to be someone that represented Dr. Schmid and Dr. Kim in the same excellent manner that Cammie had.  We interviewed a lot of candidates before we felt like we had found the right person to take over Cammie’s position and clients.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce Katie to you. She graduated at the top of her class from The Salon Professional Academy and continues her education with comprehensive classes and seminars designed to give clients like you fabulous results.

Here are a few non-aesthetician facts about Katie. Katie grew up in the suburbs north of Dallas, TX and moved to Melbourne in early 2016. She has a horse named Hank and many parrots, some of whom she has adopted. She enjoys traveling, bird watching, and spending time with her animals.

We are so sure you will be pleased with Katie’s skills as a Medical Aesthetician that we will back that up with offering you $10 off your next aesthetician service if you come in for a service before the end of 2017. Just mention that you read this offer on our New Image Maxillofacial Blog and we will reduce our regular charge for your service by $10.

Katie’s email address is [email protected]  You can book your service through the office number, just as you have in the past (321.255.7724).  And of course we will be still be carrying the same product lines of OBAGI and ZO.


In Texas as Harvey Struck

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Educating Others

I am excited to announce my appointment to be a part of the board examining committee for the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  Education and educating others is very important to me and I am very eager to start this process to help our specialty grow.  I hope to also engage in more speaking opportunities at various meetings to fulfill my desire to be part of the educating endeavor.


Dr. Kim


Are you one of those people with unwanted fat under the chin?  Are you interested in removing that undesirable fat in the neck?  Come on by and we can discuss some options for you.

There are a couple of different options when it comes to tightening up the neck area.  Kybella is a relatively new product which offers a minimally invasive way in which fat can be dissolved with a series of injections directly into the fat.  Kybella is deoxycholic acid which is a substance which in the office setting under simple local anesthesia, can actually melt away the fat and make it gone forever.  It is indicated for people who have that plump neck especially under the chin, with no extra loose skin.  Very important to remember – Kybella cannot tighten up skin.  But if the skin is already tight, and the fat is the problem, then Kybella may be right for you.

The great thing about Kybella is that the downtime is very short.  3-5 days of mild swelling and redness is all that is usually present.  Please also keep in mind that multiple vials may be needed to achieve your desired look.  One vial per appointment will be injected into the neck.  If needed, another vial will be injected 6 weeks later.  Any subsequent vials that are needed would be injected six weeks apart.  On average, 2-3 vials are needed to dissolve all of the fat to get the look you want, but it depends on how much fat that is present.  Of course, if there is a lot of fat to remove, more than 3 vials may be needed.  This would be determined by checking the neck every six weeks and the amount of improvement that is seen at each visit.

So, what if you have excess loose skin and fat in the neck?  What then?  Likely the correct procedure for you to achieve a fantastic result is the necklift.  A necklift is more invasive, and requires incisions behind the ear and just below the chin, but are very inconspicuous.  Liposuction would then be utilized to essentially suck the fat out, and then the excess loose skin would be removed to make the entire neck rejuvenated.  The necklift is a wonderful procedure for the fat neck with loose skin, the neck with loose skin only, and also for people who want the two bands (called platysmal bands) in their necks removed.  It is a more versatile procedure which treats more severe concerns in the neck, and results are usually terrific.  Please refer to before and after gallery of necklifts to see results.  Also refer to the necklift page to get more information regarding the procedure and downtime.

Now we know that something can be done about an undesirable appearance in the neck.  Kybella injections are an option and the necklift is an option.  Both are effective, but each procedure is suited for different situations.  Kybella is injections done on multiple visits, and the necklift is one time surgery.  .  Downtime of course for Kybella is much less.  But it is downtime on multiple occasions instead of just one like the necklift.  Come on in for a free consultation to discuss options for your neck!

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Kim

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A Christmas Party With Clue Solving and Italian Food

The office closed at noon. All changed out of scrubs into festive attire, drove to West Melbourne and entered the Escape Zone.  The staff and doctors split into two groups – a group led by Dr. Kim tried solving the clues to the CSI room, the other group led by Dr. Schmid tried their hand at the Shipwrecked room. You only have an hour to solve all the clues and unlock the door to get out…did they escape?????

Dinner followed and was enjoyed by all at the Dove.  We had not all made it to The Dove when the photo was taken, but you get the idea…we were ready to continue on with the party.

A CO2 Laser Special For the Renew You

New Image Maxillofacial is sending out postcards announcing a special we are having in December for CO2 Laser Resurfacing.  If you have been considering the laser resurfacing procedure this is the month to book your complimentary Facial Cosmetic Consultation with Dr. Kim and to book an appointment for the first procedure.  In case you did not receive a post card or have misplaced yours I have inserted a copy.

If you are not sure what CO2 Resurfacing is come on over to our Web Site and read a little bit about it and see the results from a couple of Dr. Kim’s patients.



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Learning About Sculptra and Kybella

I just returned from an exciting weekend in Cleveland, Ohio learning about new advances in facial cosmetic surgery.  This meeting was sponsored by the AAFE – American Association of Facial Esthetics.

This was a meeting that provided education about two very interesting and great products – Sculptra and Kybella.  It was a hands on course which meant attendees could do the injections on patients.  Both of these products are injectables and work differently.

Sculptra is a product which is made of a substance called PLLA (Poly-L Lactic Acid).  It is a dissolvable material that is injected under the skin and promotes the body to produce its own collagen.  The process of collagen production is not immediate, but very gradual and happens over several weeks.  Therefore, this is a product that requires patience to see the results.  But once the results hit, they are remarkable.  I saw before pictures and three months after injections and there is a big difference in skin tone, facial lines, and deficient areas are now fuller, more youthful.  As we age, the cheekbones flatten, the skin drops, lines form, and the elasticity of the skin is lost.  By jump starting the body’s production of collagen in the face, the cheekbones are augmented, the skin is lifted, the lines are filled, and the skin quality greatly improves.  It’s an outstanding product that delivers great results in the right patient.


The other injectable that I learned about was Kybella, which is deoxycholic acid.  This is a substance which actually dissolves fat!  Isn’t that amazing!  Removing fat without surgery!.  The material is best suitable for injecting under the chin into the area of the “double chin” or other areas of the neck where there is fat.  Again, this is another product which takes time to work and notice results.  After about 3 months, there is huge improvement.  The fat is gone, and stays gone.  This is a product that will only be advantageous to use if there is fat and not a lot of excess skin in the neck.  If there is too much skin, then dissolving the fat will simply accentuate the undesirable skin.  A neck lift surgery would be more appropriate in those circumstances.  But if there is not too much skin and it’s just fat in the neck, I can inject Kybella in there and make the fat go away.


On a side note, I had the pleasure of witnessing the city of Cleveland go crazy over the Indians aka “the tribe” as they vied to win the World Series title.  Unfortunately, none of the World Series games were being played in Cleveland while I was there, but it was still enjoyable to see the entire city pumped up about their team.

Have a great day and see you soon for an office consultation!

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Kim

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The Amazing Results of Fractionated CO2 Laser Treatment

Fractionated CO2 laser treatment is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the face without needing incisions.  Since it does not require incisions, laser treatment of the face is a conservative modality to eliminate age spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and obtain more youthful skin.


So will you feel the pain associated with the procedure?  The full face laser treatment is a painful event.  It takes about 45 minutes to complete, and it is highly recommended that you are put to sleep under I.V. sedation for the procedure.  This makes the procedure literally forgotten.  There will be little if any recollection of the procedure after you go home.


The downtime for a full face laser treatment is about one week.  During that week there will be redness and a burning sensation to the face along with itching, peeling, and crusting.  It is not a time when you need to be scheduling dinner dates, mall outings, or photo shoots.  In fact, you may be uttering negative words to indicate your disdain of having chosen to do this procedure.  The amazing thing is that the body heals.  And when it does, the results are so nice to look at!

Day 1 CO2

First Day After Full Face CO2 Laser Treatment

Day 10 CO2

Tenth Day After Full Face CO2 Laser Treatment


Also important to know that sometimes it is necessary to do two laser treatments for the greatest effect.  The first laser procedure will produce results, but if there are a lot of problem areas on the face, the second treatment will be the home run.  The second treatment is typically performed 8 weeks after the first.


Come on by and let’s talk about this effective conservative modality to treat your facial lines, acne scars, and age spots!  Currently we are running an amazing special.  If you have one facial laser treatment, the second will be free!


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