Back to Ecuador for Medical Missions

Ecuador 2012 Paige, KK 6I am looking forward to this year’s mission trip. In October, the medical and dental team is going to Ecuador just outside Quito (the capital) to treat people with medical and dental conditions and do not have any access to a doctor. Our team went to Cayambe, Ecuador three years ago, and I had the great pleasure to treat these humble people who lived in a small village. Some oral surgical procedures I was able to do were: Surgical removal of teeth, bone recontouring, draining chronic and acute infections, and removing lesions.


This year is going to be a smaller team, but I feel that we still have the same energy and enthusiasm to do a good job for these people living in Ecuador. The trip will be one week long, and I expect there will be similar oral conditions that we will be treating. Many people in under privileged areas have been living with painful teeth and infections for many months or even years, just because there is nobody there to help them with their issues. Just the mere act of getting out of pain should be a fantastic relief for them. And this is what I am looking forward to, the calmness that these people in agony feel when their pain is gone. It is very rewarding and keeps me coming back.


Thank you for reading.


Dr. Kim

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