Most patients have some reservations regarding dental procedures. When asked about their biggest concerns, most worry about the injections required to numb the area. This is something we take very seriously and try to make as pleasant as possible for our patients. We use topical anesthetic, which is a gel we apply to the area before any novocaine injections are given. But recently, we discovered a new dental tool to reduce injection-related pain. The device is called the DentalVibe, and it is a vibrating tool that works on the gate-control theory. What in the world is that, you ask? The gate control theory is the theory that the brain cannot perceive both the sensation of the vibrations as well as the sensation of the injections. This means that the pain associated with dental injections can be reduced by applying the DentalVibe to the area to be injected first, and the brain senses the vibrations and is somewhat “distracted” while injections are given. We are currently trialing the DentalVibe device at our Suntree location, and if reviews continue to be favorable, we may incorporate the tool in our Melbourne office as well 🙂