Do You Have Tear Troughs?

Happy spring!  I would like to start by saying that facial cosmetic surgery has been very popular this year.  More and more people are feeling the bug to rejuvenate themselves.  And why not?  If it makes you feel better, you should.

One thing I’d like to talk about today is tear troughs.  This is not a common topic, but I’m sure you’ve seen people who have this trait.  Just like the name implies, the tear troughs appear as  hollow cavities between the eyes and nose where tears travel as they travel down the face.  This “hollowed out”tear troughs appearance is undesirable to many people and correction is sought after.

The primary method to fill in these tear troughs is to use fillers to augment the defects.  One or two syringes of filler material is sufficient to correct the areas depending on the depth of the tear troughs.  The procedure, which takes about twenty minutes, comes with pain from the local anesthetic injections given prior to the actual procedure.  After numbing the area, no pain is felt from the filler injections.   The length of time you may need to alter your normal schedule/routine due to the results of the this procedure is  2-3 days, and any bruising can be camouflaged with make-up.  Complications that arise from this procedure are infrequent and are essentially the same for filler injections anywhere on the face.  These include:  Migration of filler material, extensive bruising, necrosis (deadening) of skin, allergy to the filler material, and rejection of the filler material.  The beauty about the use of the filler that I use is that whatever negative reaction may occur (including undesirable post injection esthetic appearance), the fillers can be reversed or “washed away” by injecting another substance that dissolves the filler.  Lastly, the filler will typically be present for 9-12 months.

If you have tear troughs and they bother you, please come in for a free consultation.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Kim

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