Facial Cosmetic Surgery Is Not Just for Women Anymore!

I had the recent pleasure of performing facial cosmetic surgery on a male patient. This gentleman was primarily concerned with those dreaded “bags under the eyes”. His main complaint, however, wasn’t based on vanity. He stated that it truly interfered with his vision when he would look down or to the side. Indeed, there was enough redundant skin and bulging fat in the lower eyelids that I saw how it was a problem for him. So, the procedure for him? Lower eyelid surgery (lower eyelid blepharoplasty). This involved removing skin and debulking the fat under the eyes to remove the visual interference.


The surgery was performed in the office under sedation and went very well. After surgery, he went on to coast through a very smooth recovery process which lasted about 10 days. After all was said and done, he loved his new lower eyelids. They were no longer getting in the way of his vision. I was happy for him, but I couldn’t help but notice that he had quite a bit of skin redundancy on his upper eyelids as well. I inquired if that bothered him and he replied “no. They do not obstruct my vision at all”. He actually was basing his surgical decisions solely on function, not esthetics. He didn’t mind the way his upper eyelids looked.


So, really I have two points here. One, facial cosmetic surgery is for men also. Men should not be afraid to come in for a free consultation. Two, facial cosmetic surgery can serve two purposes: fix a functional complaint, and make a part of the face look better. Let’s not base our surgical decisions, or any other decision in life, on stereotypes. “Facial cosmetic surgery is just for women”……..”Facial cosmetic surgery makes you look fake or plastic”……..”Facial cosmetic surgery will make me not look like myself anymore”……These types of comments should be laid to rest. The goal of facial cosmetic surgery is really to make you feel better and more confident about yourself.


Thanks for reading.


Dr. Kim

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