How do you know you’re ready for facial cosmetic surgery?

Ok, so you’re thinking about getting facial cosmetic surgery but don’t know when it’s time. You don’t know exactly how to proceed or if there is a procedure out there that will actually give you what you’re striving to achieve. I completely understand and can make some suggestions to help.


First of all, most cosmetic surgeries are just that: Cosmetic. Meaning that they are not covered by insurance companies, because really the goal is to look more rejuvenated, younger, fresher, not to correct something that is functionally wrong. Getting a facelift procedure will not help your memory or improve your speech. Now, there are some exceptions with eyelids where the upper eyelids have so much skin laxity that they actually will hang down and obstruct vision, and therefore having the upper eyelid blepharoplasty procedure (eyelid surgery) will functionally improve the eyes and secondarily you’ll get the benefit of the rejuvenation.


But let’s say that you are only striving for rejuvenation only. When is it time? There are objective measurements that I can take on your face with a ruler as to what is considered normal or more rejuvenated or younger, and see if your measurements fall below this standard. What I prefer to do, however, is to simply hand you a mirror and tell me what it is about your face that bothers you. Primary complaints that I hear most often are things like: “I don’t like the way my neck hangs down like a turkey’s neck”, or “I wish my poofy bags under my eyes would go away”, or “I have to get rid of this jowling around my jawline”. These are the things that I want to hear: How you feel about your appearance and the corrections you would like to have made and go from there. Going around your face with a ruler telling you that your numbers are lower than “normal” does not get us anywhere because these things may not bother you or you may not want them corrected.


So, we have now discussed what bothers you and what we can do about it. By the way, just about every issue you have about your face and neck can be corrected. If there is a large mole that you don’t like, I can remove it with very little to no scarring and treat the scar if one develops. Sagging skin and wrinkles can be erased (facelift, mini-facelift, necklift). Long lips can be shortened (lip lift). Big lips can be made smaller (lip debulking). Small lips can become bigger (filler injections). Ears that stick out can be pulled in (otoplasty). Eyebrows can be lifted (browlift). Eyelids can be corrected (blepharoplasty). Whatever the need, I can at least speak to you about treatment options. Come on in and let’s talk!


Thanks for reading.


Dr. Kim

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