Are you one of those people with unwanted fat under the chin?  Are you interested in removing that undesirable fat in the neck?  Come on by and we can discuss some options for you.

There are a couple of different options when it comes to tightening up the neck area.  Kybella is a relatively new product which offers a minimally invasive way in which fat can be dissolved with a series of injections directly into the fat.  Kybella is deoxycholic acid which is a substance which in the office setting under simple local anesthesia, can actually melt away the fat and make it gone forever.  It is indicated for people who have that plump neck especially under the chin, with no extra loose skin.  Very important to remember – Kybella cannot tighten up skin.  But if the skin is already tight, and the fat is the problem, then Kybella may be right for you.

The great thing about Kybella is that the downtime is very short.  3-5 days of mild swelling and redness is all that is usually present.  Please also keep in mind that multiple vials may be needed to achieve your desired look.  One vial per appointment will be injected into the neck.  If needed, another vial will be injected 6 weeks later.  Any subsequent vials that are needed would be injected six weeks apart.  On average, 2-3 vials are needed to dissolve all of the fat to get the look you want, but it depends on how much fat that is present.  Of course, if there is a lot of fat to remove, more than 3 vials may be needed.  This would be determined by checking the neck every six weeks and the amount of improvement that is seen at each visit.

So, what if you have excess loose skin and fat in the neck?  What then?  Likely the correct procedure for you to achieve a fantastic result is the necklift.  A necklift is more invasive, and requires incisions behind the ear and just below the chin, but are very inconspicuous.  Liposuction would then be utilized to essentially suck the fat out, and then the excess loose skin would be removed to make the entire neck rejuvenated.  The necklift is a wonderful procedure for the fat neck with loose skin, the neck with loose skin only, and also for people who want the two bands (called platysmal bands) in their necks removed.  It is a more versatile procedure which treats more severe concerns in the neck, and results are usually terrific.  Please refer to before and after gallery of necklifts to see results.  Also refer to the necklift page to get more information regarding the procedure and downtime.

Now we know that something can be done about an undesirable appearance in the neck.  Kybella injections are an option and the necklift is an option.  Both are effective, but each procedure is suited for different situations.  Kybella is injections done on multiple visits, and the necklift is one time surgery.  .  Downtime of course for Kybella is much less.  But it is downtime on multiple occasions instead of just one like the necklift.  Come on in for a free consultation to discuss options for your neck!

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Kim

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