I know many of you have been just dying to know about what the difference is between a mini-facelift and a full facelift. It’s up there with “who shot JFK?” and “is there life on other planets?” Have no fear. You can all sleep peacefully again. I’m going to enlighten you.


Let me just say that the facelift surgery is overall a wonderful procedure. You get the benefits of correcting facial jowling, erasing aging lines, rejuvenating the skin, and contouring the jaw line all in one fairly short surgery. The beauty about the mini-facelift or full facelift is that you should still look like yourself. You should not be so drastically changed that nobody recognizes you. You should not have a “windblown” or “pulled back” appearance.


Ok. So you’re anywhere from 40-60 years old and you’re looking for something that will rejuvenate your face, take maybe 10-15 years off, and look more refreshed. The mini-facelift procedure will go a long way for you. The incisions and total amount of surgery is less than a full facelift, which means less down time (less bruising, swelling, and pain), and still achieve superb results. The incisions are well camouflaged such that they are most of the time not even noticeable after 6 months. Surgery takes anywhere from 3-4 hours depending on whether or not we include a necklift with the procedure. Often complementing a necklift with a mini-facelift will achieve the most optimal results in that the skin under the chin gets addressed and the jaw line is more refined afterward.


Now let’s move on to the other you. The one that is 60-100 and you want some of the hanging skin and wrinkles to go away. Typically, as the skin laxity and wrinkles and jowling gets more advanced, the full facelift is really the only way to adequately correct these problems. The full facelift requires longer incisions and more surgery. These procedures often take 4-5 hours to complete also depending if a necklift is also done in conjunction with the procedure.


Please keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule of what procedure you need based on age. The age ranges given above are just estimates and averages. Yes, you could be 65 or 70 years old and only require a mini-facelift. In fact, this happens frequently. It all really depends on how much facial correction is needed to accomplish the best possible result. It could be a mini-facelift or a full facelift, but 6 months down the road, who really cares about which procedure was done? As long as you, the patient, love the results that’s all that really matters. Go to the New Image Maxillofacial website and you will see an example of results that can be attained. See you soon for a consultation!

Thanks for reading.


Dr. Kim

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