Is that mole all you see when you look in the mirror?

As you glance in the mirror instead of seeing your well kept hair and dazzling smile your eye is always drawn to that mole…yes, right there on your face for all to see. Before Mole removed red hair 2872 16.666 18.888Having unwanted blemishes on the face  can be undesirable. Moles are one of these blemishes that, because of their location on the face, are cosmetically annoying and removal is preferred. Yes, you say with determination, “the solution is to have these moles removed, to where the result is to have the mole completely eliminated and the resulting area be the same color as the surrounding skin – as if nothing was ever there in the first place.”

Dr. Kim can remove that mole in such a way to have it look like nothing was ever done. You can seeAfter mole removal red hair 3233 16.666 18.888 that this is possible from these before and after photos from one of Dr. Kim’s patients.  The mole was removed without an incision by utilizing a fractionated CO2 laser unit  to completely remove it . This  is a 15 minute procedure can be done under local anesthesia in the office with a 1-3 day recovery period. Infections and complications are very rare. Sometimes, a second treatment may need to be done to make it perfect, but those too are also infrequent. The after picture of this patient is 6 weeks after the procedure and it was only one procedure.

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