Learning About Sculptra and Kybella

I just returned from an exciting weekend in Cleveland, Ohio learning about new advances in facial cosmetic surgery.  This meeting was sponsored by the AAFE – American Association of Facial Esthetics.

This was a meeting that provided education about two very interesting and great products – Sculptra and Kybella.  It was a hands on course which meant attendees could do the injections on patients.  Both of these products are injectables and work differently.

Sculptra is a product which is made of a substance called PLLA (Poly-L Lactic Acid).  It is a dissolvable material that is injected under the skin and promotes the body to produce its own collagen.  The process of collagen production is not immediate, but very gradual and happens over several weeks.  Therefore, this is a product that requires patience to see the results.  But once the results hit, they are remarkable.  I saw before pictures and three months after injections and there is a big difference in skin tone, facial lines, and deficient areas are now fuller, more youthful.  As we age, the cheekbones flatten, the skin drops, lines form, and the elasticity of the skin is lost.  By jump starting the body’s production of collagen in the face, the cheekbones are augmented, the skin is lifted, the lines are filled, and the skin quality greatly improves.  It’s an outstanding product that delivers great results in the right patient.


The other injectable that I learned about was Kybella, which is deoxycholic acid.  This is a substance which actually dissolves fat!  Isn’t that amazing!  Removing fat without surgery!.  The material is best suitable for injecting under the chin into the area of the “double chin” or other areas of the neck where there is fat.  Again, this is another product which takes time to work and notice results.  After about 3 months, there is huge improvement.  The fat is gone, and stays gone.  This is a product that will only be advantageous to use if there is fat and not a lot of excess skin in the neck.  If there is too much skin, then dissolving the fat will simply accentuate the undesirable skin.  A neck lift surgery would be more appropriate in those circumstances.  But if there is not too much skin and it’s just fat in the neck, I can inject Kybella in there and make the fat go away.


On a side note, I had the pleasure of witnessing the city of Cleveland go crazy over the Indians aka “the tribe” as they vied to win the World Series title.  Unfortunately, none of the World Series games were being played in Cleveland while I was there, but it was still enjoyable to see the entire city pumped up about their team.

Have a great day and see you soon for an office consultation!

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Kim

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