Learning New Facial Cosmetic Surgery Techniques

I recently attended a meeting sponsored by the American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. It was a fairly well attended event, and I had the opportunity to discuss cosmetic surgery techniques with others and be present at lectures about facial cosmetic surgery.

Being a facial cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida, I have the opportunity of meeting people with various cosmetic surgery goals. Many of these patients complain of droopy eyelids or eyebrows, or jowling and sagging neck. The droopy eyelids can be corrected with a procedure called blepharoplasty, the eyebrows lifted with a browlift, and the sagging neck and jowling alleviated with a mini-facelift and/or necklift. Once in a while, the complaint centers around the lips. Fine lines around the lips, or “small lips” are not frequent complaints, but they do occur.

Dermal fillers such as juvederm are an excellent way in which I can camouflage or soften the lines and wrinkles around the lips. The fillers can also be utilized to augment lips that appear small. Keep in mind abnormally large lips that are not proportional to the face is not the desired goal. Rather, a mildly subtle change in increased lip size that complements the rest of the face will lead to the more esthetically pleasing result.

The filler injecting techniques vary, and I was able to pick up some good take home messages from the meeting regarding cosmetic lip enhancement. The procedure can take place under local anesthesia while awake. Recovery time is very minimal. Because incisions are not made, you could very well be back to work the same day.

If you have lips that are cosmetically displeasing, or you desire improvement anywhere around the lips, come by for a free cosmetic surgery consultation. See you soon!


Dr. Kim

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