Moderation When it Comes to Nip and Tuck

Hello again. I have always been a big proponent of the mini-facelift procedure because of its durability, longevity, and the fact that it doesn’t give the “wind tunnel” appearance. It’s a fantastic procedure to tuck away undesired excess, saggy skin and fat from the face and neck and simply come out looking tighter, more rejuvenated. In looking at the photos of people that I have done this procedure on, it is very impressive to see the before and afters of these patients.

The mini-facelift procedure is different than the full facelift where the person may coming out not looking like themselves. The purpose of the mini-facelift is to tighten things up in the lower face and neck with smaller incisions, thus creating shorter recovery time. I have done mini-facelifts on the 80-90 year old patient population, but typically it is very highly effective for the 40-70 year old group. Have a look at a patient’s video testimonial  located on our web site. The patient shares her experience beginning with the first day after her procedure ending with day 14 after the mini-facelift.

I just wanted to write about this procedure because it is such a unique and remarkable procedure for those looking for a moderate correction or a little “nip and tuck”. Come to New Image Maxillofacial to talk with me about this procedure and if anything, to get a little education about it at no cost. Currently, this procedure is at a special price until the end of March. If you didn’t see this special March price on the website, please be diligent and look for it. It is there.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Kim

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