Need a Spring Lift?

Hello folks. We are heading into springtime in grand ‘ole Florida once again. 2015 seems to be moving right along, and with that comes a change in seasons. I’m hoping the sub-arctic temperatures that gusted by us are gone until next winter. Of course our definition of sub-arctic is anything less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


So, with the change in season comes a possible change in your appearance. Have you been wanting to be rejuvenated? Any desire to have those eyelids lifted, or wrinkles erased, or say bye bye to the hanging neck? It’s time. The climate is warmer, and so the time has come to go for the softer, younger face.


Please come by to New Image Maxillofacial and I will evaluate your needs for facial cosmetic surgery. We can look at eyelid surgery, facelift surgery, browlift surgery, necklift surgery, ear surgery, or lip surgery. This is in addition to the minimally invasive procedures such as injectables like botox and fillers.


Now, until March 31, facial cosmetic surgery is at a special price. $2,350 for eyelid surgery, $4,350 for facelift surgery, and $5,995 for facelift combined with necklift. The consultation is included, so I expect to see you soon!


Thanks for reading.


Dr. Kim

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