Otoplasty – Shape Up Those Ears

Hello again. I would like to talk briefly today about cosmetic otoplasty. I know. It’s a strange word and does not seem to relate to human body part. The actual meaning of the prefix “oto” refers to the ears. Suffix “plasty” meaning molding a part of the body. So, in essence, our goal is to mold the ears to anatomic shape.


Sometimes, in the toddler years or beyond, the cartilage that gives support to the ears overgrows causing the ears to protrude from the side of the head, causing the ears to appear misshapen. Perhaps you have seen an individual with ears that stick way out of their head. Unfortunately for these people, these ears are difficult to hide and kids can be very mean and these ears are objects of ridicule. Females have a much easier time with their long hair of hiding misshapen ears than males, so maybe the psychological effect is not as traumatic.


There is great news for people with people who have the ears that stick out too far. There is a cosmetic procedure called “otoplasty” which will essentially bring the ears back into a more normal or anatomic presentation. Otoplasty can be performed in the office, and you can be asleep for it. Imagine drifting off to sleep and wake up to brand new ears! Come in for a free consultation to talk about how I can help. Otoplasty is a fantastic procedure and the results last forever!


Thanks for reading.


Dr. Kim