Reflections on Christmas and the Beginning of a New Year

Well, it seems the holidays have officially passed, and things are now settled back into a 2016 routine. This past weekend, I’ve noticed that Christmas lights are no longer up in our neighborhood. The holidays brought with it a sense of joy and gratitude, as it usually does. A time to reflect on the year, and realize, wow – that went by very fast! But in addition to that, I think it was nice to see the kids’ faces when they opened gifts. As a parent of two young boys, I have learned it is imperative that each of them receive the same number of gifts and relatively the same level of excitability after all is said and done. I have learned what each of the boys enjoys to past the time and what each of them finds interesting. This has mainly been through observation and interaction. Therefore, no lists were brought to me about what they wanted from Santa. Since Santa is all-knowing (if you’ve been naughty or nice, if you’ve been sleeping or if you’ve been awake), theoretically no lists should be required. Even though there were no comments said about how did Santa know I wanted this, or this is exactly what I wanted, I think the Christmas holiday went well and I personally found the positive reactions to be gratifying.

And shortly thereafter came the New Year. The New Year was actually a busy time in the office as there were quite a few people who came in for consultations for facial cosmetic surgery. I suppose this coincided with resolutions about going to the gym, trying to eat healthier, and just generally be an improved human being both inside and out. I think that trying to start off the year with a new refreshed look is a popular idea and a good one. For myself, my resolution (as it is every year for the past ten years) is to try and be on time for every appointment. I think that trying to improve one’s health and appearance brings with it an increase in self-esteem which could parlay into a rise in confidence, overall well-being, and possibly productivity.

So, I’ll see you for your facial cosmetic surgery consultation soon! And Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for reading.


Dr. Kim

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