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What an exciting time at New Image Maxillofacial Surgery Center! We have added something new and revolutionary for facial cosmetic surgery. It will enhance the outcome of the major facial cosmetic surgery procedures like facelifts, necklifts, browlifts, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and cheek and chin implants to a degree that it will take 10 years or more off the face! I am talking about the CO2 fractionated laser system. We still do have the conventional CO2 laser system which can penetrate deep and is fully ablative but the downtime is 3-4 weeks (unbelievably long) for that system. With our new fractionated laser system, the results are just as good, if not better, and the downtime is literally only 6-7 days! This new technology spreads the laser beams farther apart from each other so as to distribute the thermal energy across a larger surface area, rather than concentrating the laser on one specific point. The results are fantastic and long lasting.

So, what does this CO2 fractionated laser treat exactly? It is great for fine lines on the face, dark age spots, acne scars, vertical lines around the lips (a very popular area to treat), and crepiness on the lower eyelid skin. It is also great for removing unwanted moles. The fractionated laser can be used on the entire face or just one specific problem area. My patients have loved the results they get with this laser and the beauty is that the down time is short, and it can be used alone or in combination with a major facial cosmetic surgical procedure.

I know you’re just dying to ask. Does it hurt? The procedure itself is a bit painful which is why I recommend sedation. It can be done while under I.V. sedation (asleep) or under oral sedation (tipsy). Very few decide to try this procedure fully awake with nothing to help them relax. The first few days following the procedure are not painful, just annoying. The skin is red, and can sometimes develop minor scabs (depending on the depth of penetration, which is dependent on what we are treating), and it will get a little itchy. Utilizing the appropriate ointment is key. We will give you all of the instructions on after-care when you come in for your consult. So, stop what you’re doing, and come on in for a free consult! You’ll be glad you did it. A few of us here can give you live testimonials on the experience!

Thank you for reading.

Dr. King Kim

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