Tooth Trot 5K Run/Walk

Well it’s that time of year again:  The annual tooth trot.  This event features a 5K run/walk in an effort to raise funds for Give Kids a Smile – An organization designed to purchase dental equipment and supplies for the ultimate goal of providing kids in need with dental care.  Every year this event attracts people young to old, small to big, and the tranquil to the hyperactive.  It draws individuals from everywhere throughout the county, and even outside the state.  And it all took place this past Saturday February 7th.

Tooth Trot Gang

New Image Maxillofacial represented some of our finest runners and walkers to participate in this fun-filled gathering.  I must say that I am not surprised that our high energy excited girls who are loaded with a blessed amount of ATP came in 5th place in the team standings out of the many teams that entered and our Office Manager Shirley came in 3rd for her age group. I often think to myself that some of the excess energy that they display at the office should be burned at other venues or activities.  Is there not a better place to expend this overabundance of internal jubilation than at the annual tooth trot?  I think not.

So nowthat I’ve introduced this event I have to give my short dissertation about the importance of child dental care.  If you have a child or children or are thinking about having one or more of these high energy beings of life, please stop and take a moment to think about the responsibility of caring for the child’s teeth.  Yes, that’s right.  Dental care starts when you start seeing those little chiclets inhabiting the oral cavity.  Those little bundles of joy unfortunately are not born with a supernatural innate ability to know how to brush their teeth twice a day.  Yes incessant crying, crawling, walking, waking up at odd hours, and making grunts and other strange sounds to indicate desires are part of their natural internal talents.  We, as parents, know this.  But it is up to us to teach the little ones how to keep teeth clean and keep novocaine away.  “If I brush twice today, I will avoid three novocaine shots tomorrow…….I’m gonna brush.”

So, hammer into their minds.  Brush brush brush.  It’ll keep cavities away, and their teeth white and shiny.  Thank you for reading.

Dr. Kim