We Finally Did It

Everybody please brace yourselves. Please sit down. No, all the cell phone towers in the world didn’t all suddenly collapse at once. No, Facebook and twitter didn’t spontaneously cyber-combust. No, human beings have not become obsolete. You can all exhale now. But brace yourselves again, because what I have to present to you is far more exciting than any of the news that was previously mentioned. Are you ready? We here at New Image Maxillofacial recently upgraded to a cone beam cat scan machine in our Melbourne office! Yes, we are now just about fully digital at that location!! What does that mean to you, the patient? No more driving to Rockledge to get a CT scan.8100 3D


Yes, we have a state of the art cone beam CT machine in our Melbourne office. Gone are the days of utilizing photo chemicals to produce x-ray images. In this day and age of digitizing everything (sometimes I go home and tap my kids on the shoulder just to make sure they weren’t placed in my home by Google), Dr. Schmid, myself, and a few other important people who shall remain nameless decided that we should also keep up with the times and digitize. Of course, as all of you know (if you don’t, it’s OK), our Rockledge location already is well equipped with a digital CT machine.


If you are still reading this, you may be asking “what in the heck is a CT machine and why is it such a big deal to have it in the Melbourne office?” I will tell you. 1. The Melbourne office is not exactly a “new” office. If memory serves me correctly, I believe Taft may have been president of this country when it was erected. So, putting a high-tech piece of anything in that location is quite profound. I would compare it to the movie “The Gods must be crazy” when a coke bottle drops out of the sky into the center of an African village in the middle of nowhere. Except, in our situation, although we marvel at its miraculousness, we know what it is and what it does. 2. It just looks cool. Yes you can touch it if you’d like.


OK, now what does our CT machine do? It takes a 3-dimensional x-ray of your jaws which enables us to visualize the teeth and jaw bones up close and personal. We can see how much bone you may have for dental implants, we can see the overall condition of your teeth, if there are any lesions (something that is there that shouldn’t be) in the teeth or jaws, and we can show you these things on a computer screen.


If you have not had the wonderful opportunity to see this spectacular piece of machinery, please do so. It’s simply amazing.


Thanks for reading.


Dr. Kim