YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN! Cosmetic Surgery procedures can be freshened up

Those of you who have had facial cosmetic surgery in the past may be asking yourself at some point: “If I had a facelift or eyelid surgery 10 or more years ago, can I still safely get another one with good results?” The answer is yes yes yes. Absolutely. I have done many patients who have had previous facial cosmetic surgery procedures by other surgeons and they have turned out fantastic. We, as human beings living on planet earth, are subject to gravity. Although gravity has a slew of advantages such as helping our bones stay strong, allowing us to keep our feet planted to the ground and allowing those who enjoy running to enjoy running, there are also disadvantages like the face starts to sag, expensive breakable objects fall and shatter, sky divers and circus acrobats appear amazing to watch.


Yes, the dreaded presence of gravity makes the face “fall” over time. Having a previous facelift or mini-facelift will definitely tighten you up, but gradually the tissues will become loose again. The approach for having another same facial cosmetic procedure is the same as on a virgin face. Granted, there will be additional scar tissue to get through, but this does not present a huge challenge. Actually, a facial cosmetic procedure can be repeated whenever the time is right. There is no set number necessarily on how long to wait before it’s time to get another one. 5 years? 7 years? 10 years? It all depends on the speed of how fast the tissues of the face start to drop. I try to achieve results such that my patients will get a good 7-10 years out of their procedure or more. It’s not so much a set time period of when you can repeat the procedure but rather the look. If somebody came in to my office for consultation about facial cosmetic surgery and had a procedure done one year ago and wanted the same procedure done again, I would do it as long as I felt that the result was going to give them a lot of bang for their buck.


So, what about the downtime and potential complications? On a repeat facial cosmetic surgery procedure, I feel that the second time around is easier for the patient. Potential complications are not higher and the patient knows what to expect having gone through the downtime already once before. We already know that the more you do anything, the more you will get used to it. Patients who have had previous surgeries know about having their head wrapped, and that they need to hold all blood thinners, and to take X amount of days off of work.


The moral of this story is: Don’t be afraid of having the same facial cosmetic surgery procedure repeated again, no matter how long the time period. Come on in for a consultation and let’s talk about it.


Thanks for reading.


Dr. Kim

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