Abbreviated Facelift

The abbreviated facelift is a fantastic procedure for those who want rejuvenation, but are leary of a long surgical procedure.  It is the least invasive of all of the facelifts, the other two being the full facelift and the mini-facelift. Being the least invasive of the three, the abbreviated facelift means less surgery time, diminished downtime as well as decreased cost than the counterparts.  Who is a candidate?  This is discussed on a case by case basis. However, the procedure can be done on anybody who is healthy enough to be put to sleep and undergo surgery.   An 80 year-old lady may not receive the desired result from this procedure that a 50 year-old would, but a difference would certainly be achieved.  The goal is to achieve a more youthful appearance without looking too “done”.  I would love to answer any questions you have about this procedure in person.  If you are interested in talking about it, mention that you read this description and the consultation will be at no charge.  See you soon!

Dr. Kim