Rhinoplasty Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery of photos from some of Dr. Kim’s patients before
their Rhinoplasty procedure and  6 weeks  after their procedure.

you may have questions about the procedure that are answered on the Rhinoplasty Procedure page.  Please click Here to be directed to that page.

 Before Rhinoplasty
Six Weeks After Rhinoplasty

 Before Rhinoplasty

 Six Weeks After Rhinoplasty

 Before Rhyno t,r  Photo 3
 After Rhyno t,r  Photo 3 2
 Before Rhyno d,v Photo 4
 After Rhyno d,v Photo 4 2
 Before Rhyno j,r 3
 After Rhyno j,r Photo 56
 Before Rhino 16.666 x 18.888
 After Rhino 16.666 x 18.888
 Before rhinoplasty 16.666 x 18.888
 After Rhinoplasty 16.666 x 18.888