Cosmetic Facial Fillers

Tissue fillers can be utilized to correct deepened nasolabial folds, and other deep wrinkles of the face. These fillers can also be used as a tissue volumizer to augment small or deficient areas on the face. The lip augmentation procedure utilizing these fillers is very popular for those patients with deficiencies in one or both lips. The technique involves injecting the filler material beneath the skin using a small needle to camouflage unwanted deep wrinkles and folds. Results can be appreciated immediately after injection, and the new look lasts for several months after treatment. Speak to Dr. Kim about tissue fillers for the face.

Photos of Dr. Kim‘s patients showing before their procedures and the results after their procedures can be viewed below.


JUVÉDERM® Facial Filler


 Two Weeks After

JUVÉDERM® Facial Filler

2 Weeks after Juvederm Facial Filler


JUVÉDERM® Facial Filler & Mini -Facelift


JUVÉDERM® Facial Filler & Mini-Facelift


Additional photos can be viewed in the Facial Filler Photo Gallery of patients of Dr. Kim showing before their Facial Filler procedure and the results 6 weeks after their procedure. Please click on this Facial Filler Photo Gallery link to be directed to the Gallery.


Cosmetic Facial Fillers FAQ

What areas have a great result from the facial fillers? The most common areas treated are the folds between the nose and the side of the mouth, these are known as the nasolabial folds. Also, the corners of the mouth down to the lower jaw is a very commonly treated area.

How long is the procedure? The procedure will be done in the office and depending on the amount of filler required the procedure will only take 10 to 30 minutes

What can be expected after the procedure? There may be some bruising and mild swelling that takes place around the injection site. If there is bruising or mild swelling it will only a few days to a week to resolve. Some patients may experience mild discomfort. Ice packs, cool towels, and over the counter analgesic such as ibuprofen will ease the discomfort. Pain is very minimal after the procedure. Facial Fillers Post Operative Instructions can be found at the Surgical Instruction site.

Will I need for someone to drive me home? No, you will be fine in driving yourself home after the procedure.

How long will the filler last before the procedure will need to be repeated? Facial filler typically last between 6 months to 9 months.