Estimated Fees for Facial Cosmetic Procedures

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We want you to be able to have a feel for how affordable many of the facial cosmetic procedures are. The fees you see below are an estimate, a more precise cost can be determined with a personal consultation. Ranges are given for many of the procedures because it is impossible to give a fee without a personal consultation due to the fact that there are many factors that go into determining the correct procedure and the complexity of each procedure for each patient. All the fees include routine post op visits, routine follow ups, and the fee for use of the surgical room.


Patients should pay close to attention to surgeons quoting fees that seem lower. Others may charge additional fees once the process and procedures begin. Make sure you are comparing similar procedures and cost.

Our main concern is excellence in the cosmetic facial surgery and the safety for every patient.

Initial Cosmetic Consultation
 *Fee will be credited towards any facial cosmetic surgery performed.

Laser Skin Resurfacing with Fractionated CO2

  Full Face
  Mouth or Eye Area
   $900 for either
TCA Peel
TCA Cross
$250 and up**
 **Fee determined based on the amount of areas begin treated
Browlift/Forehead Lift   


Blepharoplasty  (Upper or Lower)
Mid Facelift
Abbreviated Facelift
Necklift w/Liposuction
Full Facelift/Necklift
Chin Implants
Cheek Implants
Surgical Lip Lift
 $2,495 – $3,995
Otoplasty (both ears)
Earlobe Repair (per ear)
Earlobe Reduction (per ear)
Scar Revision
Mole Removal
Keloid Removal
 $750 – $2,500
  $1,295 per treatment
Lip Augmentation
  $550 per lip
Injectable Fillers -per 1 ml syringe
Anesthesia *
 $450 – $850

*Not all procedures require Anesthesia



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