Lip Augmentation

Having more prominent fuller lips has become increasingly popular in this day and age. Techniques to adding fullness to the lips vary from placing permanent lip implants to injecting fillers. These fillers may be either permanent or dissolvable. Dr. Kim currently prefers to use dissolvable fillers to augment the lips. They are considered dissolvable due to fact that the body will slowly degrade the filler material over the course of 9-12 months. The material Dr. Kim injects is hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance found within the human body. This material is easy to use and flows nicely into the lips, the ultimate size of the lips depends on how much material is injected. Dr. Kim begins conservatively with the amount injected and slowly move towards achieving the desired size of lips. Most of the time, the desired look is for slightly fuller lips, just a subtle amount of augmentation to make the lips look more prominent. During a consultation, Dr. Kim can help determine the size and amount of lip increase that will achieve the look the patient desires.  

As with any procedure on the face, there is going to be some swelling, bruising, and discomfort afterwards.  The initial swelling that takes place produces an exaggeration of the volume, projecting a look that is not the ultimate results. Once the swelling goes away, the desired appearance should be achieved. The new fullness in the lips may take time to get used to.

This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and is painless after the local anesthesia is administered. The local anesthesia is administered before any filler injections.

Downtime is short – 3 to 5 days of mild swelling, and maybe a small amount of bruising. Dr. Kim has performed lip augmentations where the patient felt well enough to return to work the same day as the procedure. Being  a minimally invasive procedure, there is marginal tissue injury.

Infections are very rare with this type of minimally invasive procedure

There is uniqueness to this procedure. Not only is it minimally invasive with the potential of resuming regular activities the same day as the procedure, the procedure can be reversed in those cases that the results are contrary to the desired look. There is a medical product that will actually dissolve the filler material. The reversal procedure is similar to the original lip augmentation procedure. Results from the reversal process takes 2-3 days.

The photos below are a patient of Dr. Kim’s showing her before the lip augmentation procedure and 8 weeks after the lip augmentation procedure.

To see additional lip augmentation photos of Dr. Kim’s patients please visit the Lip Augmentation Photo Gallery.

 Before Lip Augmentation
 8 Weeks After Lip Augmentation