Sometimes ears can become misshapen as a result of too much cartilage growth on the backsides of the ears. This may cause the ears to “stick out” from the sides of the face resulting in unaesthetic, but fully functional appearance of the ears. This usually can be seen during child growth and can become noticeable evident by the time a child reaches 8-10 years of age. There is a procedure, termed “otoplasty” which corrects this outward appearance and set the ears back more closely to the head.

 Before Otoplasty
 Six Weeks After Otoplasty
 Before Otoplasty
 After Otoplasty
 before otoplasty side view 5.2 x 6.4
 After Otoplasty side view 5.2 x 6.4

Additional photos can be viewed at the Otoplasty Photo Gallery. The gallery has patients of Dr. Kim showing before their otoplasty procedure and the results 6 weeks after the otoplasty. Please click Here to be directed to the Otoplasty Photo Gallery.


Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child need to be before this corrective surgery can be done? Your child’s ears continue to change until around the age of eight (8). It is best to wait to have the otoplasty procedure until they are at least that age. This surgery is not just for children, eight is just the minimum age to ensure the best results.

Where are the incisions made? Incisions are placed behind the ears, making them hidden from view.

How long is the procedure? The otoplasty procedure will be done in the office operatory located in the 7155 Turner Road office. This procedure takes approximately two (2) hours to complete.

Is this procedure done with local anesthesia? In some cases the otoplasty procedure can be done with local anesthesia, but typically intravenous sedation is utilized.

What can be expected after the procedure? Patients report pain lasting from two (2) to five (5) days.