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One structure of the face which may not be related to the gradual aging process is the nose. Many times the nose can be misshapen or deviated simply because one is born with it, or some type of traumatic event reshaped the nose. Regardless of the cause, noses can be surgically corrected depending on the patient’s primary complaint. The procedure is called rhinoplasty (surgical correction of the nose), and be performed to remove a hump, correct the tip, and correct a deviated nose, just to mention a few. This procedure can be performed in the office setting with or without intravenous anesthesia. Speak with Dr. Kim about different options to surgically enhance a bothersome looking nose.


Additional photos can be viewed in the Rhinoplasty Photo Gallery of patients of Dr. Kim showing before their rhinoplasty procedure and the results 6 weeks after their procedure. Please click on this Rhinoplasty Photo Gallery link to be directed to the Gallery.

 Before Rhinoplasty
 After Rhinoplasty
 Before Rhino 16.666 x 18.888
 After Rhino 16.666 x 18.888
 Before Rhino 8592 16.666 x 18.888
 After Rhino 757 16.666 x 18.888

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the incisions made? Incisions are placed inside the nostrils and below the nasal tip which is hidden well from view.

How long is the procedure? The rhinoplasty procedure will be done in the office operatory located in the 7155 Turner Road office. This procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

What can be expected after the procedure? Patients report very little pain after the rhinoplasty procedure. The most common complaint is bruising and swelling following the procedure.

How long will I need to alter my normal routine? You have just undergone a surgical procedure. You will need to restrict your normal actives, exercise regimens and any activity involving heavy lifting or straining for a period of time. It is acceptable to do some light walking 72 hours after your surgery. Jogging and light non-contact exercise should not be resumed until at least three (3) weeks after surgery. Strenuous sports will require at least six (6) weeks of recovery time before they can be safely resumed.

How about driving? You will need someone to drive you home from the surgical procedure. You will also need to refrain from driving for as long as you are taking prescription pain medications.

What can I do to ensure the best result? There are several things that you can do to prepare for a successful surgery. If you smoke you should not smoke four (4) weeks before the rhinoplasty and four (4) weeks after the rhinoplasty. If you consume alcohol you should not consume any one (1) week prior and for one (1) week following your rhinoplasty. A list of recommended supplements can be found on the Surgical Instructions site, Pre-Operative Instructions for Facial Cosmetic Surgery,