We are Not All Business

Renew You Event

New Image Maxillofacial’s second Renew You Event was a great success. Prizes were given away and a lot of information about facial cosmetic surgeries and procedures were  presented. Dr. Kim spoke on facelifts, neck lifts, blepharoplasty as well as additional procedures. There were at least 5 past patients at the event to share of their experience and show  their results.

 Three Past Patients of Dr. Kim

New Image Maxillofacial’s aesthetician educated the attendees on skin care, OBAGI products and some of the procedures and treatments she offers as a medi-spa aesthetician.

Renew You making free consulation appointments 20170202_195800

For those that wanted to know more about fillers, Sculptra, and Dysport we asked a representative for that product line to present and answer questions. I think there was an information overload.

Those that felt comfortable with the idea of cosmetic facial surgery were offered the ability to book a free consultation with Dr. Kim. And just for attending everyone was given a gift certificate for $1000 off a facial cosmetic surgery if they chose to have facial cosmetic surgery in the future.

If you missed the event, don’t despair. New Image Maxillofacial is planning another Renew You Event in the spring. Keep a lookout on our web page, Facebook, the Florida Today newspaper, or give our office a call for the date and time. Remember space is limited. We had to close registration due to overcapacity interest for past Renew You Events.

Dr. Kim speaking on Facial Cosmetic Surgeries
Medi-Spa Aesthetician and Event Coordinator teaching on OBAGI products
Sculptra, Dysport, and filler representative sharing information

A Christmas Party With Clue Solving and Italian Food

The office closed at noon. All changed out of scrubs into festive attire, drove to West Melbourne and entered the Escape Zone.  The staff and doctors split into two groups – a group led by Dr. Kim tried solving the clues to the CSI room, the other group led by Dr. Schmid tried their hand at the Shipwrecked room. You only have an hour to solve all the clues and unlock the door to get out…did they escape?????

Dinner followed and was enjoyed by all at the Dove.  We had not all made it to The Dove when the photo was taken, but you get the idea…we were ready to continue on with the party.


Fun With Cheetos

New Image Maxillofacial had an office contest to see who could come up with the best unique shaped Cheetos.  An unopened bag of Cheetos was given to each employee and both doctors.  They all took their bags and scoured through them.  One of our Surgical Assistants was the grand prize winner with the following dental shaped Cheetos. 

Can you tell what they are?  – You got it,  a bicuspid and an abscess. (Looks like there may be a need for a dental implant due to that abscess.) There was an assortment of seahorses, mothers holding babies, a basketball player, a butterfly and over 40 more shapes.  It was fun, you should open up a bag of Cheetos and let your imagination flow.



Oddly, New Image Maxillofacial’s Melbourne office has to take the bathroom door-frame and door off in order to get the washer and dryer out.  Sadly, the washer had to be replaced.  As you can see by the gloves we try to remain sterile in all circumstances.

Our Doctors and nursing staff are trained in surgery and apparently home repairs.  Perhaps we should include handy person services as procedures New Image Max. offers in order to expand our patient base.


Christmas Frolicking

We took a Thursday afternoon off and Dr. Schmid & Dr. Kim treated the staff to a Christmas  lunch. After lunch we all (all includes the doctors) walked to Painting With a Twist. We are not sure what we are going to do with so many palm tree paintings, but we have them if we ever need a dozen or so of them!




Christmas RWS




We closed the office for two days and the staff went to the Hilton Garden Inn. The staff attended Communicating With Diplomacy Seminar on Monday and Tuesday. It was determined during the seminar that we have several different Personality Styles present in the office.

I hear there was some shopping, playing pictionary and some restaurant eating that went on too.

KK and RWS Christmas 2014 cropped 

No scrubs today.

Dr. Schmid and Dr. Kim are enjoying the afternoon off at our  2014 Staff Christmas Luncheon

A few New Image Maxillofacial staff represented some of our finest runners and walkers to participate in the fun-filled 2015 Tooth Trot gathering. We must say that we are not surprised that our high energy excited girls who are loaded with a blessed amount of ATP came in 5th place in the team standings out of the many teams that entered and our office manager Shirley placed 3rd in her age group.